Scarf Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

As we start to approach the colder weather of fall and winter, it is time to start thinking about the accessory trends for those months. Let’s start by talking about scarf trends. The great thing about scarves is that they can not only be fashionable, but they are also functional in that they help to keep us warm. Here are some of the best scarf trends for 2017-2018.

Knitted Scarves

Knit was big on the runways in a lot of different forms, so it makes sense that knit scarves are also big this year. One of the trends that you will see for knit scarves this year is large braids. But don’t fret, your non-large braid knits are still fashionable. The key is to make sure you go for a look of slight negligence. In addition to the great warmth they provide, knit scarves have another advantage. Knit scarves come in many different styles so it is easy to find one to fit your personality: ruffle knit scarves, knit scarves with tassels, chunky knit scarves, or lace knit scarves.

Betsey Johnson Velvet – Bow Knit Infinity Scarf

Fur Scarves

Another fabric you saw all over the fall and winter runways was fur so neckwear did not escape that trend either. Fur scarves are great because they are quite luxurious. This makes them great for formal evening wear as well as casual day wear. I have seen fur scarves worn different ways. You can find them in an infinity scarf so they are only around your neck and do not drape at all, or you can find them in long draping shapes that not only keep your neck warm, but can be laid across your body.


Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Faux Fur Scarf


This last trend is somewhat in conflict with the previous two in that it doesn’t provide a lot of warmth to the wearer and it is rather minimalist rather than big and bulky. Neckerchiefs are just small pieces of fabric typically made of softer materials like silk, chiffon, or satin. They are just large enough to tie around the neck. You can keep the know in the back to create a choker effect or leave the knot on the side or front as an additional accessory. Fashion is often about juxtaposing extremes and scarf trends are no exception.


Missoni Digital Wave Printed Neck Tie