How to Handle Fall 2017 Handbag Trends.

If I could sum up the trends for handbags this fall/winter season in one phrase it would be, “not boring”! Handbag trends for fall/winter 2017 are all about standing out and making a statement. Even trends that seem traditional have a new twist this season.

One such traditional handbag trend with a twist is the clutch. We saw clutches everywhere on the runways for fall and winter, but something that stood out to me was that the clutch isn’t just a tiny accessory for evening wear any more. The day clutch is extremely popular. These bags have the sleek style of a clutch, but are big enough to actually carry around the things women want in their bags during a work day or a day out with friends.

Alexander Wang Mini Roxi Studded Clutch

Another big handbag trend for fall 2017 is embellishment. Some of the most popular embellishments for handbags for fall 2017 include fur handbags, handbags with large branded logos on them, handbags with interesting prints or graphics, handbags with statement straps, crocodile skin handbags, bags that are three or two bags together, or handbags with architectural design and interesting structures. Designers might incorporate more than on the these trends in a single bag making you stand out even more.

Gedebe Bibi Crocus Plot Satchel Bag w/Crystal

A third handbag trend for fall and winter 2017 is BOUSs or bags of unusual size. This bag trend runs both ends of the spectrum. Micro bags are a big trend this year. You can’t keep anything in them, but they sure are cute! At the other extreme you will find oversized bags in lots of different styles including totes and soft bags. You can carry everything in these bags, but sometimes they look better if you carry them mostly empty.

Dooney & Bourke Extra Large Sac Tote

No matter what bag you chose for this fall and winter season, make sure you pick one that will make you stand out!