Embroidery Handbags from Gucci.

Gucci’s 2017 handbag compliment includes several new embroidery handbags that are worth taking a look at. Floral appliques are perhaps one of the most recognizable Gucci staples and there are several Gucci handbags that feature floral appliques including variations on the Dionysus top handle bag and the Sylvie top handle bag. Both bags feature an embroidered leather variation with floral appliques. In addition, there are other variations that include crystal embroidered dragonflies and sequin embroidered roses. The embroidery on these variations is not as noticeable since it is used to attach the crystals and sequins, but the quality embroidery that we have come to expect from Gucci is still there.

Gucci White Medium Sylvie Bag


If you do not care for actual embroidery because you are afraid of the possibility of fraying, then you might also be interested in some other variations on the Dionysus and Sylvie that give the impression of embroidery. One such variation is the use of jacquard fabric. Jacquard fabric features a raised pattern that is woven onto the fabric rather than printed on it. Another variation that gives the impression of an embroidered Gucci handbag is brocade handbags. Brocade is a method of weaving that gives the appearance that the weave was embroidered on.


Gucci Multicolor Large Dionysus Bag

Finally, you can get that classic Gucci embroidered look in a handbag with two of the 5 styles released as part of the Gucci Garden Souvenir Collection. This collection was released for sale exclusively online in January of 2017 and two of the handbags feature extensive embroidery.